I’m a guitarist and guitar instructor based in Rochester, New York.  The majority of my  experience as a player has been with alternative rock, progressive rock, and improvising  bands.  I have mostly recorded and performed around western New York State and New York City.  The work of Guitar Craft have taken me around the United States, into Canada, and Italy: recording and performing as a member of the League Of Crafty Guitarists (based out of Atlanta, Georgia in 2003).

As an educator, I seek to teach a stylistically ambiguous approach that can allow the student to learn music and the instrument.  The primary aim is to allow the student to play the style that most appeals to them, but not be limited to that style if and when they find a need or desire to expand their vision.

As for education: I earned a BA in Music (Contemporary Guitar Studies), and furthered my  musical education through Guitar Craft.  Photography has been an integral part of my life since the 6th grade.  That, and video editing have been a couple of subjects I have also studied at a local college.

Header photo of Irondequoit Bay by me.


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